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Background and thoughts on the creation of this project

The Company and Kawaijuku Group possess an abundance of educational content, expertise, and methods, and many of these educational assets have been developed and widely implemented in Japan. For instance, Kawaijuku Group's national standardized mock test has become widely disseminated across Japan as the de facto standard for test-taking content and know-how.

We would like to utilize these educational assets even more widely, both within Japan and abroad, and are promoting a project to expand Kawaijuku Group's educational services to developing countries.

By localizing Kawaijuku Group's educational resources and distributing them around the world, we can create a virtuous cycle of not only resolving educational issues and raising educational standards in all countries involved, but also contributing to their development, thereby generating even more added value.

With these lofty goals in mind, we hope to spread the effectiveness of Japan-style education throughout the world, beginning with our test development project in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Educational Support Project (JICA Project)

  • Project name adopted by JICA:
  •  Project to Disseminate, Demonstrate, and Commercialize the Introduction of Japanese-Style Student Aptitude Test Methods in Uzbekistan (SME Support Program)
  • Implementation period:
  •  August 2021 to November 2023 (2 years and 4months)
  • Purpose of project (and aimed outcome):
 The following are the three goals of this project.
  1. Establish a standard method of assessing student aptitude in Uzbekistan
  2. Investigate the applicability of Japan-style aptitude tests in Uzbekistan and establish a standard method of assessing student aptitude.
  3. Propose measures for improving education
  4. Propose educational improvement measures for Uzbekistan based on test analysis results, and aim to contribute to raising educational standards.
  5. Create a preliminary plan for expanding the business
  6. Create a preliminary plan for disseminating Japan-style student aptitude test methods in Uzbekistan.
  • Activities:
  •  Administer a Japan-style mathematics aptitude test four times, mainly with local 8th to 10th graders, and analyze the results to determine the test’s applicability in Uzbekistan and the prospects for expanding the educational improvement business.
  • Main local counterparts:
  1. ・Counterparty government agency : Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Ministry of Public Education)
  2. ・Counterparty government project implementation and contact organization:The Scientific Research Institute for Studying the Problems and Determining the Prospects of Public Education named after A. Avloni
  3. ・Cooperating organizations for testing : 40 school demonstration sites to administer the test (from 14 states across the country)
  • Main domestic counterparts:
  1. ・Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
  2. ・Hapiral Test Solutions Co., Ltd.
  3. ・Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.
  4. ・Katahira & Engineers International
  • Test implementation
    Test implementation
    (school in Tashkent)
  • Classroom
    (school in Tashkent)
  • Faculty seminar
    Faculty seminar
  • Meeting with local counterpart(Avloni)
    Meeting with local counterpart

Activities to date(as of August 2022)

With the adoption by JICA, one educational project has been completed in Uzbekistan and another is underway. (Please see the table below for further details.)

Implementation period August 16, 2019 to January 31, 2022【Completed】 August 20, 2021 to November 30, 2023【Ongoing】
Project Name Project to Disseminate, Demonstrate, and Commercialize Learning Management Systems (LMS) to Improve the Capabilities of Rural School Teachers and Reduce Educational Disparities in Uzbekistan Project to Disseminate, Demonstrate, and Commercialize the Introduction of Japanese-Style Student Aptitude Test Methods in Uzbekistan
Country Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
Governing body JICA JICA
  • ①Cooperate as an external human resource for the project.
  • ②Administer mathematics tests to local 7th to 9th graders.
  • ③Evaluate the effectiveness of teacher training.
  • ①Operate the project as the company proposing the project.
  • ②Administer mathematics tests to local 8th to 10th graders and analyze the results (four times in total).

Future Outlook

We are currently promoting this project in cooperation with JICA. After this project plan is completed, we intend to develop projects that contribute to raising educational standards and promoting growth in Uzbekistan and many more countries, either as part of Official Development Assistance (ODA) or as individual projects of KEI Advance. We will actively promote various projects full of dreams and hopes, including proficiency tests, academic contests, curriculum and textbook development, attracting foreign students to (and from) Japan, and general educational advisory services.

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