This means quick and convenient application, payment of examination fees, and online access to results. We offer 6 solutions including online applications. They greatly improve the efficiency of admissions related administrative work and make exam taking far more convenient for students.
We also help administer exams on behalf of the Kawaijuku Group with its many years of experience.

University Admissions ASP

Our University Admissions ASP is KEI Advanced's one-stop solution for entering college.

Our various online services include applications, examination vouchers and access to results, admissions procedures, and grade reporting.
Society's digital shift is only progressing in the wake of COVID-19. Following the move to almost completely net-based applications, the online admissions process is now getting a lot of attention throughout the field. There is no doubt that it will become the "new normal" for university admissions.
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Solutions from KEI Advanced

Solution Services

KEI Advanced Solution Services are tailored to the timing of your admission processes.

Image of data collaboration between students and universities

Our database allows the centralization of everything from application to admissions procedures.

Service Overview

Online Applications

This service allows students to do everything from submitting applications to paying entrance examination fees.

Application Process for Students
  • Guidance
  • My Page *optional
  • STEP 1 Select an entrance examination method
  • STEP 2 Select an undergraduate major
  • STEP 3 Input your personal information
  • STEP 4 Confirm your information
  • STEP 5 Print the application confirmation voucher
  • STEP 6 Pay the examination fee
  • STEP 7 Submit the application documents
  • No need to order application forms. Apply from anywhere, anytime
  • Diversification of fee payment options
  • Great reduction in the number of errors on application forms
  • Access to applicant data
  • Use of "Application Fee Payments" for quick confirmation
  • Curbing initial investments
Online Admission Vouchers

This service allows test takers to obtain exam vouchers via a computer or smartphone.

  • Access anywhere. Just print the PDF exam voucher and bring it with you
  • Reduced cost of printing and mailing exam vouchers
  • Shortened period between the final application date and the exam date
Online Admissions Procedures

This service allows students to upload photos, make payments, and lets successful candidates enter their information via a computer or smartphone.

  • Pay online anytime, even at night and on holidays
  • Improved convenience downloading documents for submission as PDF files
  • Real-time status of admissions procedures
  • Reduced manual input with the information of successful candidates and guarantors online
  • Allows for acquiring photos for student IDs
  • Reduced mailing costs through downloading documents for submission as PDF files
  • Online procedures for deferred payment and cancelling enrollment are also available
Grade Reporting

This service allows students to view their grades via a computer or smartphone.

  • Disclosure requests can be completed and results viewed online
  • Improved convenience by eliminating the need to write out and mail applications
  • Reduced costs of printing and mailing disclosure documents
  • Application data can be centrally managed with disclosure requests at the time of application
  • Reduced workload, shortening the period between disclosure request and reporting
Other Services
Operating Environment and Security
We have introduced PKI and employ DigiCert Japan, the nation's leading provider of SSL certificates.
Maintenance and management are assured by a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year monitoring system run by our Special Operations Team.
Flexibly expand capacity according to access count and traffic.
We have obtained ISMS: ISO 27001 certification, the international standard in management systems.
Sensitive information is managed and monitored from a data center that meets advanced security standards. We provide a complete information security environment.
Call Center (joint help desk)

Our help desk answers student inquiries regarding how to operate our online application system.

The Set-Up Process and Support

  1. Confirm requirements and provide an estimate
    • We confirm functional and operational requirements, as well as the schedule with the university staff.
    • Provide an official estimate.
  2. Prepare guidance and links to application requirements
    • Create a guidance page with information like the application period and important points.
    • The guidance area links to PDFs for application guidelines and other required documents.
  3. Create master data
    • We create masters including code and refined conditions for entrance examination methods, undergraduate departments, examination dates, examination venues, examination fees, and more.
      Please prepare various code tables and high school masters in CSV data format.
  4. Issue the client certificate and install
    • We provide support throughout the installation process when registering the client certificate on the university computer system.
  5. Confirming acceptance and inspection, operational instruction, and utilization
    • Before commencing operations, we confirm with the relevant university staff concerning utilization of the administration screen and how to handle exceptions during operation.
  6. Operational support
    • Inquiries by phone
    • E-mail support is available at any time
    • Student Help Desk

Administration of Examinations

Through utilizing the Kawaijuku Group's talent and many years of experience in administering tests, we provide thorough support for the management of your school's entrance examinations, handling everything from arranging the venue to administering the exams.

With an increase in opportunities to take the university entrance exams, the venues hosting them have also increased, expanding to new areas. The workload of staff conducting the exams is increasing, and safety and health management systems are essential. We carry out the administration and management of entrance examinations in this changing environment on behalf of university staff.
The Kawaijuku Group's National Examination Center, Inc. specializes in conducting examinations. It can handle of all the work involved in administering exams, including arranging staff to oversee them anywhere in Japan. It also can cater exam management to your needs, including administering on-campus placement testing, listening tests for TOEIC and TOEFL, periodic exams, and final exams for correspondence colleges.

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