Dec 21.2022

Initiates research with Singaporean Edtech company to establish cutting-edge education model. ~ Provides a more personalized and optimized learning experience by utilizing algorithms to assess non-cognitive skills~

Kawaijuku Group company, KEI Advance, (President and CEO: Toshio Yajima; Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; hereinafter "KEI Advance"), has signed a memorandum with ClassDo Pte. (CEO Chung Chiew Farn; hereinafter "ClassDo"), a Singapore-based Edtech company, to start a joint research project. The two companies will leverage their educational expertise and technology to create and promote an educational model that is optimized for each individual learner.

■Background of the Agreement

The rapid social change and rapidly advancing technology in today's world. Including the Covid-19, an urgency needs to acquire the ability to identify problems and create solutions. Furthermore, as the lifespan of knowledge is shortening due to accelerating technological innovation, there is an increasing need for upskilling and knowledge-updating to reskilling and new knowledge acquiring. These skills are currently not being addressed by a uniform and one-sided educational model that aims to acquire conventional knowledge and skills. Against this backdrop, the two leading companies in the education industry have sought to realize a "paradigm shift (innovation) in education" to solve the problems faced by learners and teachers and to build an educational model for a new era.
KEI Advance, a Kawaijuku Group company that develops AI-based educational models, launched the "Arsen" project in 2019. In collaboration with companies and schools in the education sector, we are conducting cutting-edge research and development, including algorithms and AI that optimize the combination of learners (students) and instructors (teachers), with the aim of updating the educational experience through individual optimization.
ClassDo, a Singapore-based edtech company, develops and provides "ClassDo," an online classroom that enables one-stop, learner-centered participatory teaching. It is an excellent platform that enables a smooth transition from traditional teacher-led (one-way classes) to learner-centered (participatory classes). At the same time, it has features unique to online learning, such as the ability to store a large amount of student learning records.
By combining the technologies and know-how cultivated by the two companies, the joint research has been initiated to realize "participatory learning" and "provision of educational opportunities optimized for each individual learner".

■ Goals of the Collaboration

KEI Advanced's Arsen project will analyze ClassDo's abundant learning behavior data through its platform and develop an algorithm to evaluate and analyze learners' non-cognitive abilities. By applying this algorithm to the "ClassDo" service, we aim to provide a new learning experience. For example, it is envisioned to realize a combination of instructor and student, or student to student, which is expected to enhance the learning experience. Furthermore, by utilizing this algorithm in various fields, we will contribute to the construction of a new educational model for a new era of autonomous and self-regulating learning that goes beyond the existing models of group classes, individualized learning, and standardized curriculum menus.


[Examples of possible applications of this algorithm]
・Students: Matching teachers and selecting teaching methods in tutorial learning, optimizing learning methods in self-study, and improving learner performance.
・Career counseling: To provide guidance and support for job hunting, understanding the traits of each student, interviews preparation, understanding of preferences, and application to job matching.
・Corporate training: Matching instructors and students, promoting employee career development and career education, and evaluating personnel assignments.


In the Corona Disaster, ICT-based instruction, such as online classes, has spread rapidly in Japan. On the other hand, there are still many forms of instruction that simply replace conventional classes with digital ones, and we are still at the stage where the potential of ICT is just beginning to be tapped. On the other hand, in Singapore, the use of ICT is progressing at a high level, as evidenced by the fact that from 2023 all elementary and junior high schools will stop taking mid-term tests, and instead use the learning behaviors accumulated in learning platforms such as "ClassDo" for evaluation.

In this joint research, an algorithm was constructed using various data accumulated in the process of educational activities using "ClassDo". By applying the algorithm to "ClassDo" and other educational platforms, the two companies aim to develop an educational model that creates a better learning experience. Through the application of this educational model, the two companies will contribute to education from Japan to the whole world.


KEI Advance Corporation (Arsen Project)

ClassDo Pte. Ltd

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