Jul 01.2020

Notice of Appointment of Officers and Allocation of Responsibilities

We sincerely hope that this finds you prospering and in good health.

Thank you as always for your generous support.

As of July 1, we have allocated the duties of our officers as stated below.

All of our officers are determined to do their best to advance our business and continue meeting the needs of our customers. We deeply appreciate your continued patronage.

Best regards,

July 2020

KEI Advanced, Inc.

Toshio Yajima, President

Appointments and responsibilities are as follows:

President Toshio Yajima
Director Kenji Suzuki Director of the Sales Division
Director Masayuki Fujikura Director of the School Business and Education Business Divisions
Director Akira Sugihara Director of the Strategic Systems Division
Director Shigeyuki Tsuzuki Director of the Business Management, Human Resources and General Affairs, Consulting, and Admissions and Public Relations Divisions
Director Mayumi Ishitsuka Director of the Systems and Solutions Division
Director (As of July 1, 2020) Hiromitsu Sakata Director of the Higher Education Business Planning and Development Division
Director (As of July 1, 2020) Katsura Ogawa Director of the General Planning Division
Director (non-executive) Yasuhiro Maeda
Director (non-executive) Hidenori Nobuzane
Director (non-executive) Daihachi Katsumi
Auditor (non-executive) Hiroshige Kondo

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